With immense pride and gratitude, we reflect on an extraordinary event that surpassed all expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the startup and board landscape.

The recent gathering of innovative businesses and board members not only witnessed unparalleled success but also fostered meaningful connections that will shape the future of entrepreneurship.



We believe in creating extraordinary opportunities that drive innovation and empower companies within the industry. That's why we recently decided to shake things up during our event and switch up the introductions.

In a refreshing twist, we gave the spotlight to the board members, allowing them 90 seconds each to introduce themselves and present their pitches to an audience of IT entrepreneurs and esteemed guests. This innovative approach put the spotlight on the exceptional talent and expertise of our board members, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

By flipping the script, we aimed to provide a platform where board members could showcase their unique insights and value proposition, allowing them to captivate and inspire IT entrepreneurs in the room. It was a powerful way to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to supporting the industry and empowering companies to thrive.

We firmly believe that by fostering an environment that highlights the brilliance of board members, we can fuel creativity, ignite partnerships, and accelerate industry-wide progress. This event was just one example of our dedication to revolutionizing traditional networking experiences and providing a platform for all voices to be heard.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the board members, IT entrepreneurs, and guests who joined us on this exciting journey. Your presence and active participation made this event truly remarkable and demonstrated the immense potential that lies within our industry. Together, we are shaping the future of success!


Short, simple, and not "overengineered"

Thomas Ackermann

So well organised, terrific. Concept to execution.


That the board members have to pitch.


Meeting new startup and entrepreneurs, short pitches

Brigitte Sommer

board members pitching to us startups 🙂


Meet and greet on top floor